Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paraguay en route to be free of canine rabies

The article I read was national news shared by the country about the WHO and PAHO’s, Pan American Health Organization) recognition of the state for “enhancing the leadership of the eradication” of the canine rabies disease. With strong leadership it seems as though Paraguay will soon be certified to be free of canine rabies.

There was actually a 13th Meeting of Directors of Rabies Program in Latin America that was held last August in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

I am not too knowledgeable about the rabies disease, so I thought it was a good quick summary of the disease and beneficial as a national announcement to help make others aware of the dangers of rabies.

We briefly reviewed rabies on the first day of class, but here is the summary from the article. Rabies is caused by a rhabdovirus that leads to acute encephalitis, disease of the central nervous system, with a mortality near 100%. The virus is found in both animals and humans, in the saliva and secretions of infected animals. The virus spreads through the lymphatic vessles and attacks the nervous system, with a variable incubation period, ranging fromone to six months. The patient suffers from hydrophobia, which often leads to dehydration, as well as spasms and foamy salivation. The infection of the nervous system continually worsens and leads to attacks of rage followed by paralysis. The disease has no current cure, but the rabies vaccine that can be given at the initial incubation has shown to be very effective.


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