Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AdenoVirus Type 7 Outbreaks in Chiina

There has been a reported 70 cases of sever pneumonia in Shaanxi Province, China.  There is one confirmed death of an infant.  Tests suggest that the primary pathogen is adenovirus 7, with a few co-infections.

In summary, there have been two strains of adenovirus and 2 strains of enterovirus isolated, with 3 coinfections of respiratory synctial virus, 2 with rhinovirus, and one with parainfluenza virus.

Adenovirus 7 can lead to severe disease as well as death in infants and immunocompromised populations.  It has been ten years since the last outbreak of infant pneumonia due to HAdv-7 in China, and the first report from Shaanxi Province.

Unfortunately, there is no surveillance network for adenovirus infection in the area, and adenovirus vaccines are not currently available in China.

The one fatality was a one year old patient that complained of cough and asthma over a period of 5 days.  The diagnosis was acute bronchitis with heart failure and toxic encephalopathy.  Severe pneumonia and a prolonged fever is also common.


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