Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HepC Patient Charged with Attempted Murder after Spitting on Nurse

An Alaskan Man by the name of Andre LaFrance was initially charged with attempted murder because he spat on a nurse. This man is also infected with Hepatitis C and state troopers say the 29 year-old man “’intentionally transferred a dangerous bodily fluid’ onto the hospital employee.”

The patient was admitted to the hospital under reports of a drug overdose, but examination suggested this was not true. LaFrance also stated he was suicidal and would harm himself. Thus, the staff attempted to restrain him until the troopers would arrive. He threatened to spit on whoever put restraints on him, and he did just that.

It has been updated that the initial charge of attempted second-degree murder was reduced to third-degree assault. He is currently under suicide watch, and precautions are being taken because of his infection with Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is contagious through blood and bodily fluids, and the chances of catching the virus through saliva is quite low.




Hepatitis C Virus: Flavivirus, +ssRNA, enveloped


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