Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Russia with love: Influenza outbreak

by Laura Huaman

As reported by the WHO, flu in Europe is spreading from west to east and is slowly increasing, with some European countries reporting widespread and others regional spread.

According to Moscow’s health chief Leonid Pechatnikov, over 90,000 people got infected with flu in the city over the past week. The A/H1N1 strain is also going around, with 93 people infected in Moscow and killing a few people across Russia including in Chelyabinsk region in the Urals.

Since January 31, elementary and middle schools in Moscow will have five days off due to the influenza outbreak. As a result, about 550,000 students will not go to school in this quarantine period. About 300 schools have been closed.

On a positive (?) note, the Russian capital is ready for the epidemic and has enough hospital beds and drugs to care and treat any flu victims. It will be interesting to see how these prevention methods work in the rise of the epidemic. It is a good sign that health centers are starting to prepare for a greater outbreak.


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