Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clam Pollutant Traps! (Not virus-y, but cool!)

Dr. Bob spoke in class about how eating clams can be dangerous because clams are "filter feeders". When they eat, they filter water while absorbing not only nutrients, but also other particles that are present in the water like toxins and pollutants. They can be exposed to large numbers of water toxins because they continue to filter water over and over as they feed, each time accumulating toxins and pollutants in their tissues via this "bioaccumulation".

Because water toxins and contaminants (such as pesticides, lead, and arsenic) are generally expensive to identify and locate, scientists have begun using clams as a way to trap pollutants. The clams then can be tested at the lab to see if any toxins are present in that water source. This provides a less expensive, easier way to figure out which potentially dangerous substances may be located in a given place. The clams have already been used to find a banned Maryland pesticide that was leaking into the water.


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