Monday, February 7, 2011

High influenza activity Across Europe

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Influenza in Europe:

Many countries across Europe have recently reported influenza activity:
Very High Intensity: 2 countries Georgia and Luxembourg
High intensity 8 countries
Medium intensity: 26 countries

Clinical data suggests that increasing influenza activity has increased in the WHO European Region. Consultation rates have increased for 31 countries.

Pandemic influenza A(H1N1) is the strain that has dominated the region. It is dominant in 19 countries and co-dominant in 13 countries where the burden is shared with influenza B. RSV (respiratory syncitial virus) is also circulating in this area and has been detected in 18 countries.

The case of Georgia: Georgia has had eleven fatalities this year. Another 52 year old women just died from Influenza A(h1N1). 7 deaths have been from H1N1, 3 deaths from a mutation of influenza A, and one death was from influenza B.

Influenza in the UK:

In contrast to Europe, influenza activity has been declining in the UK. The cumulative number of confirmed influenza deaths has increased, but this was due to deaths over Christmas rather than in the recent weeks. Influenza A(H1N1) was the predominant virus in the UK, however now Influenza B has taken over is being reported more frequently.

-Lauren Platt

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