Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HepB virus 10X more likely in Koreans

A study was recently completed in New Jersey to show that Korean-Americans in North Jersey are 10 times more likely to have hepatitis B virus than the general population. The study was done with the Korean Medical Program from Holy Name Medical Center tested 1,656 Korean American adults and found that 3.2 percent of the participants were carriers for the disease, compared to the 0.3 percent in the general population.

The medical experts were actually pleasantly surprised because they expected around 8-10 percent to actually carry the virus. The program also showed that 42 percent of the participants were not vaccinated and vulnerable to contracting the virus. Unfortunately, two thirds of those that are susceptible have not returned for vaccines, and not all the carriers are continuing their follow up care.

So the separate issues of research and application must be addressed individually. It is shown that certain Asian populations are more likely to carry the disease, but the programs to protect those that are still vulnerable as well as treat those with the disease must also be targeted. It seems to often be the case that the research is done, but implementation of this knowledge is lacking.



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