Monday, March 14, 2011

Mosquitoes carrying dengue fever

As many of you probably recall, Bob mentioned the appearance of Aedes mosquitoes in Florida.  The potentially fatal disease that many Key West Floridians have been exposed has shown “flu-like” symptoms, but has been more acutely identified as Dengue. At least 46 cases have been reported. This the first substantial outbreak in the continental U.S.. However, because of the harm is threatens to cause, health officials have begun to implement prevention efforts.  Aedes mosquitoes populations are now being tracked and people in the surrounding areas are being educated both about the mosquitoes and the disease. For example, most mosquitoes appear at night and remain outdoors. Thus, screens, staying inside from dusk to dawn, and wearing repellent are all useful techniques. However, aedes mosquitoes tend to live indoors or near the house and bite during the day. Because of the more proximal nature of the aedes mosquitoes, health officials are warning everyone to be particularly vigilant about stagnant water near their homes. One benefit of the aedes mosquitoes’ habits, however, is that they do not travel far during their lifetime. Thus, controlling their populations and their spread should be easier than that of regular mosquitoes.


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